High-Quality Car and Window Tinting Products by
Global Shading Texas

Global Shading Texas can transform the look of your vehicle through high-quality window tints. Besides enhancing the appearance of your vehicle, our window tints add an extra layer of protection to the body of the vehicle.
A window film will protect the passengers from the harmful UV rays of the sun that can be extremely dangerous for your skin. In addition to protecting the skin of the passengers, these films also protect the interior of the vehicle – the seat covers, the dashboard, floor mats, and whatnot. Our films block these rays out and give your vehicle a longer life.

Here are some of the benefits of getting your windows tinted from Global Shading Texas:

  • Reduce heat gain by as much as 78%, increase comfort, and reduce utility bills.
  • Cut harsh glare without darkening your home.
  • Eliminate harmful UV rays by 99.9%. Preserve your carpets, fabrics, furniture, and wood finishes.
  • Increase privacy from curious onlookers on the streets.
  • Shatterproof your glass to protect from flying glass during accidents or other unfortunate situations

Global Shading Texas provides a number of variants of automotive window films that all come with a lifetime warranty. We guarantee that our films never fade in color, delaminate, bubble, crack, or peel if dealt with properly.

Variants of Window Films at GST

The staff at Global Shading TX is cooperative and friendly. Our talented workers will promptly respond to all your queries and recommend you the best window tints depending upon your requirements. We recommend solutions best suited to reduce the different areas of sun exposure and heat.

We employ state-of-the-art Computerized Film Cutting System, GSTX COMPUTER-CUT, that digitally generates and cuts window tint patterns to your vehicle’s exact specifications, ensuring consistent service every time. Unlike other companies that cut the tint to fit after applying it, GSTX computers pre-cut every vehicle window tint to perfect size, to ensure a higher level of accuracy. 

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